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Simplify managing your car

MyCar is a new online resource you can use to track the maintenance of your cars, understand their market value, check for safety recalls and more. The MyCar site is currently in development and we’ll be adding even more tools and features so that managing your cars becomes simpler and you can focus on enjoying the drive.

Stay on top of maintenance

Stay on track with servicing by checking the maintenance schedule for your car.

Know your car’s worth

Understand the estimated trade-in value of your car so you can sell or trade it in with confidence.

Check for recalls

Knowing your car is safe is critical. Access a car recall search with just one click.

Adding a car is easy

In just three simple steps you can add a car to MyCar

Confirm it’s you

Set up your MyCar profile—you’ll just need to confirm that your information is correct.

Add a license plate

Have your license plate or car VIN number handy to easily add your cars.

Verify car details

We’ll add your car details for you to confirm. You can always edit later if needed.

Shop at home for your next car with resources from Chase

Chase Auto is here with a suite of online tools and resources to help you purchase a new car during these unprecedented times.
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Do you have questions? We have answers.

MyCar is a new free resource that’s still in beta. The site is designed to help you track maintenance, understand the market value and check for safety recalls for each of your cars. The MyCar site is currently in development, and we’ll be adding even more tools and features so that owning and managing your cars becomes simpler.
Once you enter the necessary information about your cars into MyCar, you’ll recoup time you may have spent using multiple resources to access maintenance schedules, check for recalls and monitor estimated values. We’ll collect all of that information here for you. MyCar is your hub to access a variety of car ownership resources.
MyCar is just one of the ways we’re working hard to be a good financial partner to our customers. We’re here to help you manage your money and make informed financial decisions. Your car is an asset that we want to help you manage by anticipating maintenance needs and understanding its estimated value in the market.
No. You just need to have an online Chase account to register a car with MyCar.
Yes. You can add any car in your household to MyCar, whether it’s purchased, leased or paid off.
No, there is no cost to you for using MyCar.
Yes! You can use MyCar to keep track of multiple cars and have all the information you need in one spot. For example, if you want to help your son in college and another family member manage their cars, you can add their cars to MyCar.
Once you sign in to your Chase account, we’ll ask you to “Add a car” to MyCar by providing either a vehicle identification number (VIN) or a license plate number and state. We’ll use your VIN or license plate to provide you with information that is specific to your car. We will not sell the information that you provide.